July 17, 2019

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New Mexico Dram Shop Law

Anyone who has dealt with as many drunk driving victims as personal injury lawyers do can tell you seeking compensation for a drunk driving crash requires some creativity. After all, many drunk drivers have limited assets which probably won’t cover all of the damages. Many drunk drivers don’t even have liability insurance to cover the […]

Medicinal Marijuana in New Mexico

The movement to legalize medicinal cannabis has been gaining steam over the last couple decades, ever since California became the first state to institute medical marijuana laws. Now, states like New Mexico are noticing an increasing number of medicinal cannabis cardholders. Santa Fe County, for instance, recorded a 43 percent leap in the number of […]

Faulty Equipment at Gym – Suing for Gym Injuries

Image is everything in today’s society. It is not surprising that business is booming for health and fitness facilities. Americans spend millions of dollars on gym fees every year. Given the large volume of dollars flowing to gyms, it is not unreasonable to expect gyms to maintain their equipment in the best possible condition. However, […]

New Mexico Statutes of Limitations for Civil Cases

If you’re considering taking legal action because you’ve been physically injured or harmed in some other way due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. In addition to physical injury, people can suffer emotional or psychological harm when someone is negligent. In some cases, a defective product (instead of a person) causes […]

New Mexico Motorcycle Laws And Safety Tips

This summer you may be planning on a trip or otherwise cruising around on a motorcycle. Given that summer is the best time for riding, hitting the road sounds like a good time for riders. However, as with all activities, safety and legal responsibility should always be high priority concerns for everyone. So, this article […]

Social Media and How it Could Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Pew Research Center reports that 65 percent of adults in America use a social media account, which means that most people involved in an personal injury case will likely have some form of internet profile. Social media accounts can provide privacy settings, private messages, and only have content that you post on them. This can […]